ODÍN PRO - Zambrotto
ODÍN PRO - Zambrotto
ODÍN PRO - Zambrotto
ODÍN PRO - Zambrotto
ODÍN PRO - Zambrotto
ODÍN PRO - Zambrotto
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ZITMUV Z-Odín PRO 125And 10.000W/120Ah Black

If the ZITMUV Z-Odín seemed you an incredible motorbike arrives the Z-Odín PRO, the version improved of this impressive model, with an engine of 10.000W and a battery of Lithium of 72V /120 Ah. Prepare you to feel his new power with the robust style of Z-Odín.


It has of a strength and an autonomy without precendentes, with so only a battery will be able to visit until 230 km without interruptions. Forget of the failures of start, of the petrol and of the complex maintenance of a vehicle of fuel.



With this vehicle L3, equivalent to 125And can circulate by all the roads, motorways and autovías of Europe. At all of petrol, filters neither complex repairs.

¡Recargue His ZITMUV Z-Odín PRO where want to! It has of two methods of load: Z-Odín Pro incorporates the carrier of 25Ah integrated Mennekes Type 2, perfect to make the load of fast form in systems of public or private loads Mennekes Type 2. Or if it prefers it, it will be able to make the load in his home or office purchasing incidentally a carrier type Schuko 220V or a converter Mennekes-Schuko. ¡The possibilities are boundless!



It is especially thought to move you by the city of a comfortable and sustainable way. With an impressive design that will not leave you indifferent.

Instrumented with the most powerful engine of all our motorcycles, an Electrical Engine of 10.000W Brushless situated in the rear wheel, providing the sufficient strength to reach the 125Km/h. This engine offers the maximum power, with the lower wear of his materials to the not producing frictions. Besides, his consumption is lower that in other models (40% less with regard to other engines). 



It has of a marker with screen LCD that allows him have everything under his control: it knows the kilometres visited, velocimeter, hour, level of battery, intensity of the engine or the type of speed to which circulate in each moment. 


It carries to a companion with you. Z-Odín PRO Has of a wide and comfortable seat for two people

Z-Odín PRO
 Is instrumented with a system of lights LED that allows him divisar a greater angle of vision on the way especially at night without that it can exist any danger in the road. With easy handle of long lights, short, position and emergency.



Account besides with a system of 3 speeds, course backwards and button of parking with which will be able to enjoy of an ideal driving. Besides it has of inner compartment with included lock so that you save what need.


It is instrumented with double brakes of leading disks and rear disk agrandados for a correct braked. Besides, it has amortiguadores hidraulicos frontal and backsides that allow a more stable driving in terrains movedizos. 

One of the advantages of this motorcycle is the big capacity and power of the Battery of Lithium Extraíble 72V/120Ah. In so only 10 hours will be able to have your totally loaded battery, with which visit until 230 Km without interruptions in Modality ECHO, 150 Km in Normal Modality and 120 Km in Modality Sport in optimum conditions. Each battery has an useful life of 1.500 cycles of load for a long driving.

Besides ours Z-Odín PRO is totally resistant to the water. It drive without fears to the meteorological conditions. His components are designed to be able to to resist the rain and the wind, being testados each one of them. 

***IMPORTANT: ZITMUV Official Product, recognised to circulate by roads, and with certificate of the Ministry of Industry. With total guarantee in the product, pieces and spares. Alas, it exists the market parallel products that CAN not ENROL, with characteristics no approved by the ministry of Industry, and that do not have access to the official guarantee neither to the spares. It buy with intelligence.


Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of the battery and conserve the manual with which accompanies the product for future references.

The price of this product, includes the transport in the Peninsula, the national VAT. The buyer will have to ensure the motorcycle by means of his insurance company, fulfil the norms of circulation and enrol his vehicle.

Also it is necessary to sign an available agreement. Our team will put in contact with the buyer to send him said agreements and make the formality.


Name of product: ZITMUV Z-Odín PRO 125And 10.000W/120Ah Black
Energy of the engine: 10.000W Brushless Engine (equivalent to 125And)
Controller: 24CMOS
Maximum speed: 125 (km/h)
Types of batteries: Battery of Lithium
Capacity of the battery: 120AH OF 72V (8,64 kWh)
Maximum scope: 230 km. / 1 person (180kg)
Battery time of load: 10 hours 
Life of battery: 1500 cycles of load
Capacity of rise: 25% (2 person, 180kg)
Type of measurer: Digital
Brakes (frontal/backside): Disk/Disk
Amortiguador (Frontal/Backside): Hydraulic / hydraulic
Size of tyre: Frontal: 110-70-17 without Rear camera:180-55-17
Capacity Max of load: 2 people (296kg)
Type of frame: Steel
Net weight: 145kg (with battery)
Weight of the battery: 50kg
It includes: 3 speeds + Marker Screen LCD + Course Backwards + Button of Estacionamineto+ 2 Games of keys+ Rear-view mirrors+ Leading Compartment With Padlock
Measures 1940×870×1340mm
Permission of Circulation A1,A2,To, B (3 years)


*Important: The vehicle includes carrier integrated of 25Ah Mennekes Type 2. It does not include carrier type Schuko. In case of not having of system of load in his home, will need to purchase a converter Mennekes-Schuko or carrier type Schuko available in this web page.

Electrical motorcycle 0 Broadcasts Recognised by the General Direction of Traffic and Ministry of Industry. Legal circulation 100x100.



3 years in all the components and parts of the product. We have of all type of spares, like batteries, engines, covers, lighthouses and pilot, brakes, manetas, electronic.

The dates indicated of delivery are approximated and can modify by reasons of a pandemia or delays in transport ocasionados by extraneous reasons to our company.

Recommendations For Your Motorcycle 


¿You want to largar the useful life of your motorcycle? It follows this series of recommendations to enjoy of your motorcycle to the maximum:
- Once you light your motorcycle expects 5 seconds to accelerate and initiate your trip.
- If you #finish to use your motorcycle, recommend you expect half hour to load your battery again.
- It drives in Way ECHO to optimise the life of your battery. 
- You do not exhaust to the complete the battery until the minimum, the states of load too low prejudice the battery, the ideal is to keep your battery between the 20 and the 80 % is thus that with loading until 80% is sufficient.
- It remembers to make a complete load once a week.
- It avoids to load your motorbike in places with upper temperatures 38º-40ª to avoid that it heat the battery. 

¿You know the Advantages of the Electrical Vehicle?

It visits our blog to know the saving


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    Têm distribuidores em Portugal? RESPOSTA: Deixamos-lhe os dados da nossa concessão em Portugal ZITMUV BY SUNRA Torres Vedras R. Luís Augusto Albino, 2560-683 Torres Vedras, Portugal Tlf:+351 892 811 www.sunra-oficial.com/torresvedras/

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    Hola Me interesa pero no puedo comprarla al contado me puedes explicar el tema financiación por favor RESPUESTA: ¡Hola Johel! Puedes realizar la financiación desde nuestra página web mediante Santander Consumer, Sequra o dividir el pago en 3 partes. O si lo prefieres, puedes llamarnos al 959 872 205 y te ayudaremos encantados.

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    Quiero comprarme una pero en canarias no llegan, veo que no hay cantidad,viene a cuentagotas deseo comprar una en azul ,pero,no veo el momento porque se agotan tardan y están en península ???????? RESPUESTA: ¡Hola Antonio! Muchas gracias por contactar con nosotros. Te dejamos el contacto de nuestro distribuidor en Canarias. Moto Axial C/Diego Vega Sarminto nº37 35014 Las Palmas de G.C. Tlf:928-39-63-61 - 928-07-47-65

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    Me gusta,muy interesante pero para mi deseo todavía le falta autonomía, un saludo. RESPUESTA: ¡Hola Gerardo! Muchas gracias por contactar con nosotros. La autonomía máxima que puedes alcanzar son 230 Km en condiciones óptimas. Como en un vehículo de combustión, el consumo puede variar dependiendo del tipo de conducción, peso de pasajeros, condiciones de la carretera, etc. Quedamos a su disposición para cualquier consulta o duda.

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