ZitMuv Z-Go
ZitMuv Z-Go
ZitMuv Z-Go
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ZitMuv Z-Go

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ZITMUV Z-GO 250W / 36V / 10.4 Ah Black

¿Searches the perfect electrical Bike? You do not look for more, the ZITMUV Z-GO 250W / 36V / 10.4 Ah Black is perfect for you. It has of a powerful rear engine of 250W that offers a long length and high performance with which reach the maximum speed assisted of 25km/h.


His design will conquer you from the first pedaling. It enjoys of big walks thanks to his battery of 36V10.4Ah, in so alone 4 hours will be entirely loaded to make until 50 km of route.


It has of a sensor of speed which is able to detect the speed of the rear wheel  and give the necessary electrical power for the operation of the bicycle électrica.


The Electrical Bicycle ZitMuv Z- GO is the ideal mate to avoid jams and save time. His system of braked with leading disks and backsides turn it into a mechanism of security that can complement with the use of a team of protection: helmet and kneepads. It saves your bike where want to Z-GO is folding.



With the display way will have all the control of your electrical bike, lights and turns off and knows the level of battery ¿To which waits to enjoy of your ZitMuv Z- GO.


Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of of the batteries and conserve the manual with which accompanies the product, for future references. This product is not allocated to the use by the zones enabled for circulation of vehicles. Please, it consult the valid legislation of his zone, on the use of this product.


- Model: Z- GO

- Engine 250W

- Battery 36V10.4Ah

- Colour: Black

- 3 Speeds with assistance of Engine

- Maximum speed Assisted of 25km/h


- Engine 250W

- Battery 36V 10.4Ah

- Autonomy 50km

- Sensor of Speed

- Brakes of Leading disk/Backside

- Display Of Way LCD

- Indicator of Battery

- Frontal light

- Reflecting Backsides and Forwards

- Horn

- Chassis Aluminium 

- Maximum load: 110Kg

- I weigh Bicycle: 18 Kg

- Time of Load: 4 Hours

- Maximum speed: 25 Km/h (Engine 5 Speeds)

- Pneumatic 28 / 700C X 35

- Carrier 100-240V, 42V 1.5To 

  It contains

- x1 ZITMUV Z-GO 250W / 36V / 10.4 Ah Black

- x1 Carrier 

- x1 Manual of User


3 Years