Zeta Max - Zambrotto
Zeta Max - Zambrotto
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Zeta Max

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Zeta Max 125E 6000W/115Ah White

The real revolution arrives from the hand of  the Zeta Max Electric motorcycle, with a power equivalent to a 125e motorcycle. It has a 6,000W brushless electric motor. Its MaxiScooter design makes it the ideal option to move in your day to day with the possibility of using it on all roads, highways and highways in Europe.

Enjoy the great autonomy offered by this electric motorcycle, with only a 72V/115AH battery you can travel up to 170km without interruptions. No gasoline, filters or complex repairs. Recharge your Zeta Max at home, work, offices, etc. The possibilities are limitless! And enjoy maximum performance in its purest form!Zeta-Max-6000W-125E-White-1

Its design will not leave you indifferent this maxiscooter with sporty lines seeks to offer the sensations of comfort and versatility that these vehicles transmit, without losing the power and advantages of a motorcycle.


Zeta Max is equipped with one of the most powerful electric motors of the brand, a 6,000W Brushless Electric Motor located on the rear wheel, which provides enough force to reach the maximum speed of 110km / h.

This engine offers maximum power, with the least wear of its materials by not producing friction. In addition, its consumption is lower than in other models (40% less than other engines).


It has a scoreboard with LCD screen that allows you to have everything under your control: know the kilometers traveled, speedometer, time, battery level, engine intensity or the type of speed at which you circulate at all times.


Take a companion with you. Zeta Max has a spacious and comfortable seat for two people.



This electric motorcycle is equipped with an LED headlight that allows you to see a greater angle of vision on the road especially at night without any danger on the road. With easy handling of high beams, low beams, position and emergency.


It is equipped with front and rear brake discs for proper braking. In addition, it has front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers that allow a more stable ride on shifting terrain.


One of the advantages of this motorcycle is the large capacity and power of the 72V/115Ah Lithium Battery. In just 10 hours you can have your battery fully charged, with which to travel up to 170 Km without interruptions in ECO Mode.

In addition, our Zeta Max is totally waterproof. Drive without fear of weather conditions. Its components are designed to withstand rain and wind, each of them being tested.


Before use, fully read the user manual, safety warnings, maintenance, inspection, battery use and keep the manual with which the product is accompanied for future reference.

The price of this product includes transport in the Peninsula, national VAT. The buyer must insure the motorcycle through his insurance company, comply with the traffic regulations and register his vehicle.

It is also necessary to sign a sales contract. Our team will contact the buyer to send these contracts and carry out the process.


Product Name: ZITMUV Zeta Max 125E 6000W/115Ah White
Motor power: 6,000W Brushless Motor (equivalent to 125E)
Controller: 24CMOS
Maximum speed: 110 (km/h)
Types of batteries: Lithium battery
Battery capacity: 115AH 72V (7.2 kWh)
Maximum range: 170 km / 1 person (180kg)
Battery charging time: 10 hours
Battery Life: 1,500 charge cycles
Upload capacity: 30% (2 person, 180kg)
Meter Type: Digital
Brakes (front/rear): Disk/Disc
Shock absorber (front/rear): Hydraulic / hydraulic
Tire size: Front: 120/80-14 without camera Rear: 140/60-14
Max Load Capacity: 2 persons (296kg)
Frame type: Steel
Net weight: 145kg (with battery)
Battery weight: 50kg
Includes: 3 Speeds + Scoreboard LCD Screen + Reverse + Parking Button + 2 Key Sets + Rearview Mirrors + Front Compartment with Lock
Measurement 2150x785x1325 mm
Registration Certificate A1,A2,A, B (3 years)


Electric Motorcycle 0 Emissions Approved by the General Directorate of Traffic and Ministry of Industry. Legal circulation 100×100.



3 years on all components and parts of the product. We have all kinds of spare parts, such as batteries, engines, covers, headlights and pilots, brakes, levers, electronics.

The indicated delivery dates are approximate and may be modified due to a pandemic or transport delays caused by reasons beyond our company's control.