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Miku Super

Miku Super

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Miku Super 3000W / 40AH Yellow 125e (Double Battery)

Discover the new 125e Miku Super Matriculable 3000W / 40AH SUNRA electric motorcycle. Get ready for a lifestyle on two wheels, with this totally revolutionary design. Forget about starter failures, gasoline and complex fuel vehicle maintenance. With this L3 vehicle, equivalent to 125e, you can drive on the roads, highways and highways of Europe. You can recharge your Miku Super wherever you want at work, at home. You choose your path and get ready to enjoy!

Miku Super is the new version of the Miku Max model with a power of 125e, developed by the electric vehicle manufacturer Sunra , it is the No. 1 manufacturer in China in production of Quality Scooters for the last 11 years, selling its scooters in more than 70 countries, with a production capacity of 4 million electric scooters per year. The simplicity and lightness in driving this model make it perfect to move wherever you want.

It is equipped with a  3000W Brushless electric motor  located on the rear wheel This motor offers maximum power, it does not have brushes. It allows less wear on its materials by not producing friction, its consumption is lower (40% less compared to other engines), it allows greater savings and a longer useful life on the motorcycle.

This electric motorcycle has a digital scoreboard, with a dual-core power system. Know the kilometers traveled, the time and the battery level. In addition, it incorporates 3 speeds, parking button and reverse gear.

Miku Super has a modern USB port to charge your mobile.

This motorcycle has an advanced CBS system that allows safer braking in difficult conditions. The Miku Super electric motorcycle has a front and rear wheel brake system, front and rear hydraulic shock absorber for a more stable and flexible ride on more bumpy roads.

Miku Super presents a perfect finish on the front design, with the iconic Miku Max lighting but much brighter and more energy efficient.

Store your belongings inside your Miku Super, it has an interior compartment to store what you need.

Miku Super is equipped with two high-performance 72V / 20AH lithium batteries, with this type of battery you can reach a maximum speed of 130km. In addition, they have an optimal size that allows it to be easy to transport. Charge your motorcycle wherever you want at work, at home easily and quickly. The charging time is only 4 or 5 hours, after which you will fully enjoy your motorcycle without interruptions. Each battery has a lifespan of 1000 charge cycles for long driving.

Miku Super has a maximum speed of 80 km / hour with which you will have a range of 130 kilometers to fully enjoy your motorcycle. In addition, our Miku Super is waterproof.

Drive without fear of weather conditions. Its components are designed to be able to resist rain and wind, each of them being tested. Designed in accordance with the 320mm waterproof standard.

Remote control through the SUNRA app

On the key of your Miku Super you can find a label with the QR code for android and another for iOS that will link you to the SUNRA app with which you will have control of Miku Super on your Smartphone.

- Lock and unlock the alarm.

- Turn off and on your motorcycle.

- Opens and closes the trunk remotely.

- Press the Mute button, which mutes the vehicle.

- Fingerprint configuration, so you can add as many as you want.

- Carry out a check of the vehicle's condition.

- Check the tire pressure.

- Register new physical keys or Bluetooth keys.

- Proximity sensor for bluetooth accessories, where you decide the linking distance.

You can download the App through the following links:




**** IMPORTANT : Sunra Spain Distributes Official Product, approved for driving on roads, and certified by the Ministry of Industry. With full guarantee on the product, parts and spare parts. Unfortunately, there are parallel products on the market that CANNOT BE REGISTERED, with characteristics not approved by the Ministry of Industry, and that do not have access to the official warranty or spare parts. Buy smart.



Before use, read completely the user manual, safety warnings, maintenance, inspection, use of batteries and keep the manual that accompanies the product for future reference.

The price of this product includes transportation in the Peninsula, national VAT, DGT fees for registration, management fees, current year road tax, and the license plate already installed. The buyer must insure the moped through his insurance company, and comply with the traffic regulations.

Important, the registrable models take between 3 and 5 business days in the shipment, which is the time necessary to register the motorcycle and receive the original documentation, such as Technical Sheet and License Plate.

It is also necessary to sign a sales contract and an application for Enrollment. Our team will contact the buyer to send them these contracts and carry out the process.


Name of product:

SUNRA Miku Super 3000W / 40AH Yellow 125e (Double Battery)

Motor power: 3000W Brushless Motor (equivalent to 125e)
Controller: 12mosfets
Maximum speed: 80 (km / h)
Battery types: Lithium battery (Cells: LG / Panassonic)
Battery capacity: 20AH OF 72V + 20AH OF 72V
Maximum range: 130 km. / 1 person (75kg)
Battery charging time: 4 to 5 hours each
Battery life: 1000 charge cycles each
Climbing capacity: 27% Inclination (With 2 people, 140 Kg approx.)
Meter type: Digital
Brakes (front / rear): Disc / Disc
Shock Absorber (Front / Rear): Hydraulic / hydraulic
Tire size:

120-70-12 front (without camera) 120-70-12 Rear (without camera)

Max load capacity: 2 People (max 180 Kg)
Frame type: Steel
Net weight: 90kg (without batteries)
Battery Weight: 20kg each
It includes: Start with Fingerprint Reader + USB Charge + SUNRA App + Reverse Gear + Park Button +3 Speeds
Measurements 1850 × 1040 × 745mm
Circulation Permit A1, A2, A, B (3 years)


Electric Motorcycle 0 Emissions Approved by the General Directorate of Traffic and Ministry of Industry. Legal Circulation 100 × 100.

eco emission card

2 years on all components and parts of the product. We have all kinds of spare parts, such as batteries, motors, covers, headlights and pilots, brakes, levers, electronics.



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