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Grace - Electric Motorcycle

Grace - Electric Motorcycle

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Grace 49e Engine BOSCH 800W / 40Ah Black Shine (Double Battery)

It arrives the new electrical motorbike Grace 49e with Engine BOSCH of 20Ah so that you enjoy of your day in day out with the possibility to use it by roads and destined zones to vehicles of engine. Forget of all the maintenance of a vehicle of fuel. At all of petrol, filters neither complex repairs. Recarga Through a enchufe and smart!

It treats of a electrical motorbike developed by the manufacturer of electrical vehicles Chinese Sunra, is the manufacturer nº1 in China in production of Scooters of Quality during the last 11 years, selling his scooters in more than 70 countries, with a capacity of production of 4 million scooters electrical by year...It is especially thought to move you by the city of a comfortable and sustainable way.

Grace can drive from the 15 years from now on and without limit of age. His structure allows a big stability of driving with zero irrigations of fall.


It is instrumented with a electrical engine Bosch that offers a maximum power of 1800 watts, manufactured and developed by the Nº1 in engines electricos to World-wide level, develops a strength and upper power to the engines of 2500W of other manufacturers, with this achieve a greater efficiency and saving of battery, achieving an acceleration of 0 to 45 km/h in so alone 9.8 seconds.


This electrical vehicle is instrumented with a light LED frontal that provides a big angle of vision allowing like this his driving at night without any type of danger.

The maximum speed that allows to reach his light weight (only 64kg without the battery) coincides with the maximum allowed for a moped of 45km/h.

His battery of lithium has a capacity of 60V and 20 AH and provides a  autonomyof until 65 km for a passenger of 70 kg of weight. It has a time of load of 4 hours and has an useful life of 800 cycles of load.

The scooter electrical Grace has of a system of brakes of effective disk, and has shock absorber of four attachments so that the driver can travel comfortable in rugged terrains or with potholes.

The instrumentation of this electrical motorbike is entirely digital, and allows you know the level of load of the battery, the speed, the kilometres visited and the hour.

It has a port USB to load the mobile telephone and other small devices.

Besides ours Grace is totally resistant to the water. It drive without fears to the conditions metereológicas. His components are designed to be able to to resist the rain and the wind, being testados each one of them. It enjoy of Grace!

***IMPORTANT: Sunra Spain Distributes Official Product, recognised to circulate by roads, and with certificate of the Ministry of Industry. With total guarantee in the product, pieces and spares. Alas, they exist the market parallel products that CAN not ENROL, with characteristics no approved by the ministry of Industry, and that do not have access to the official guarantee neither to the spares. It buy with intelligence.

For the driving of this vehicle will be necessary to possess the Permission of Circulation AM or the B. Can obtain from the 15 years of age in the DGT..


Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of of the batteries and conserve the manual with which accompanies the product, for future future references.

The price of this product, includes the transport in the Peninsula, the national VAT, the taxes of the DGT for matriculacion, honorarios gestoría, imposed of circulation of the current year, and the plate of enrols it already installed. The buyer will have to ensure the moped by means of his compañia insurance, and fulfil the norms of circulation.

Important, The models Matriculables demoran in the envio between 3 and 5 dias labour, that is the necessary time to enrol the moped and receive the original documentation, as ficha Tecnica and Plate of Enrols.

Tambien Is necessary to sign an available agreement and an application of Registration. Our team will put in contact with the buyer to send him said agreements and realise the transact.


Name of product: GRACE
Maximum power: 1800W Engine BOSCH (Equivalent Power to +2500W, of other manufacturers)
Pair Engine: 110Nm
Controller: 12mosfets
Maximum speed: 45 (km/h)
Types of batteries: Battery of lithium (Cells: LG/Panassonic)
Capacity of the battery: 20AH OF 60V
Maximum scope: 65km. / 1 person (70kg)
Battery time of load: 4 hours
Life of battery: 1000 cycles of load
Capacity of rise: 21% (1 person, 70kg)
Type of measurer: Digital
Brakes (frontal/backside): Disk/drum
shock absorber(Frontal/Backside): Hydraulic / hydraulic
Size of tyre: 90 tyre without tube of 10'
Capacity Max of load: 2 people + load (150kg)
Type of frame: Steel
Net weight: 64kg (without battery)
Weight of the battery: 35kg
It includes: 1x USB of load + Alarms + Maletero Inner
Size of the packaging: 117 x 57 x 82 cm
Vehicle license L1



Moped Electrico 0 Broadcasts Recognised by the General Direction of Trafico and Ministry of Industry . Legal circulation 100x100.





2 years in all the components and parts of the product, including 2 years of guarantee in the battery (See conditions here). We have of all type of spares, like baterias, engines, covers, faros and pilot, brakes, manetas, electronic..

It enjoys of his elegance:

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