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Furious : Electric Motorcycle

Furious : Electric Motorcycle

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CityCoco Furious 49e 4000W/40AH Blue Big-Scooter

It arrives the scooter electrical that breaks all the barriers! Ours last incorporation in the family Citycoco Matriculable has of a strength and autonomy no seen in any of the previous models. It enjoys of all his innovations and components of high quality that guarantee no only the enjoy of his driving but his complete security. It knows Furious!

Our Furious has of big battery of Lithium of very high durability of 60V/40AH, bending the autonomy of other models with an only battery. With an only load will be able to enjoy of the driving in until 80 kilometres. Besides, it is totally extraible, so that you can load it from house, office or in any place where need since it incorporates a carrier original.

This model incorporates besides a faro frontal, brakes of leading disk and backsides, amortiguadores leading and double backsides and claxon. You will be entirely sure/to while you drive it.

One of his big innovations is his marker, entirely digital, which will indicate you at all times of the velocimeter, kilometraje total and level of battery.

Others of his big advantages is his powerful engine, never before seen in a model of Citycoco. Of type Brushless and with a power of 4000W, you proporcinará the sufficient strength to go up slopes of until 25º. You will notice from the first moment that treats of a Citycoco only.

Our Furious is an ideal vehicle for the trips of your day in day out, besides being able to use even by roads and zones detinadas to vehicles to engine. In addition to his strength, one of the big advantages of his engine type Brushless is his scarce wear:

- Maximum Saving in consumption. You will be able to do the 100km by less than 1eur of cost of electricity.

- Maintenance much simpler and easy. Forget you of filters, oils and/or together.

- Neither bad smells, neither stains of oil, neither repostajes in Gasolineras.

- Without annoying noises

Citycoco Furious Requires of very little maintenance in comparison with a vehicle of fuel; at all of petrol , filters, neither complex repairs and maintenance, only need recargarlo through the enchufe of your house or business.

It is composed by an electrical engine in the wheel, a battery of lithium and a controller. These are the three key elements that will do to work this vehicle. Forget you of the failures in the start, which will have very few or invalid probabilities to have.

This version recognised like moped has a power of 4000W. Strength and power more than sufficient to load until 300Kg and go up slopes with until 25º of inclinacion. Ademas, the bateria of 40Ah will allow you do until 80Km with each load.

The battery is done to base of lithium for a recarga fast, with a time of load of 6 to 8 hours.

The maximum speed with activated limiter is up to 45 km / h, coinciding with the maximum speed for a moped in Spain. Although disconnected, said limiter can reach up to 70 km / h.

The big wheels of our Furious, allow a stability of impressive driving with a risk reduced of fall. Can drive from the 15 years from now on and without limit of age! The product has been manufactured with technology of design 3D. It treats of an only product, modern and with a structure minimalista.

Besides it has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, ofreciendole high quality and security in the purchase of this product.


* This model distributed in Scoop by us is Recognised by the Ministry Of Industry like Moped, carrying thus matrícula yellow of Moped, and being able to circulate like vehiculo of engine by streets, roads, etc.

For the driving of this vehiculo will be necessary to possess the Permission of Circulacion AM or the B. Can obtain from the 15 years of age in the DGT..

This model Recognised like Moped includes leading turn signals and backsides, short and long light, light of brake, light of posicion, light of matrícula, claxon, mirrors retrovisones included. Unlike other Models no Matriculable, this model also includes some important changes demanded by the European rule to be able to classify it like a moped, as they are:

- Bateria Of Lithium of 60v and 40Ah of big autonomia.

- System of Iluminacion recognised. Short and Long light, Intermittent, Luz of Posicion, Luz of Enrols.

- Cuentakilometros Recognised.

- Rear-view mirrors.

- Number of frame recorded in the chassis.

- Switch of turned off in the lateral support ("leg of goat")

- Blockade of the Handlebar with key.

- Brakes of Leading disk and Backside.

- The speed Maxima by construction for a moped recognised is of 45km/h




Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of of the batteries and conserve the manual with which accompanies the product, for future future references. Please, it respect the norms of traffic.


- Model: ES8008

- Engine: 4000W

- Battery: 60V 40Ah

- Colour Guardabarros: Blue

- Maximum speed: 45 Km/h

- Maximum Speed ??Per Construction Eliminating Limiter: Up to 70 Km / h

- Autonomy by load: 80Km

* All the Batteries of Our Citycoco can load so much in the motorbike, as withdraw it and load it separately.



- Amortiguador Forward

- Claxon

- Double Amortiguador Rear Tyre

- Brakes of Leading disk/Backside

- Frontal light (short and long) /Rear of posicion and light of Brake.

- Intermittent Forwards and Backsides

- Double Digital Marker (Cuentakilómetros + Level Battery/Voltage)

- 2 Keys of Start

- Maximum load: 300Kg

- Net weight Scooter: 84Kg

- Dimensions: 2150x380x1160mm

- Time of Load: 6-8 Hours

-Vehicle license: L1


The price of This product Includes the transport in the Peninsula, the national VAT, the taxes of the DGT for matriculacion, honorarios gestoria, imposed of circulacion of the current year, and the plate of enrols it already installed. The buyer will have to ensure the moped by means of his compañia insurance, and fulfil the norms of circualación.


Important: The models Matriculables demoran in the envio between 3 and 5 dias labour, since it is the necessary time to enrol the moped and receive the documentacion original, as ficha Tecnica and Plate of Enrols.

Tambien Is necessary to sign an available agreement and an application of Registration. Our team will put in contact with the buyer to send him said agreements and realise the transact.

Moped Electrico 0 Broadcasts Recognised by the General Direction of Trafico and Ministry of Industry . Legal circulation 100x100.



2 years in all the components and parts of the product, included the battery (See conditions here). We have of all type of spares, like baterias, engines, covers, faros and pilot, brakes, manetas, electronic..


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