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Commercial Return

It occurs when the customer wants to return any product without any type of incident, either by repentance, change of mind, or that the product, although it corresponds exactly with the description and photo of our website, is not liked by the buyer. You can return it without further question. The deadline to communicate this return is 14 calendar days (only for final customer) from receipt by the customer, in case of a holiday, leave a record by e-mail of the intention of the commercial return.

For all registered vehicles, the right of return is rejected as proof of purchase of a personalized vehicle remains at the time of purchase.

To do this you must enter your user area and fill in all requested information.

Once we have received it, we will proceed to process the return.?

The usual procedure will be the following:
We will contact you to inform you of the acceptance of the return, and the delivery address, which must be clearly indicated on the packaging. You must deliver the product to us within 10 days from the date you were informed of the acceptance of the return.

The products have to arrive in the same state in which they were sent, that is, they must not have any type of use, be fit for sale, including all their accessories, manuals, etc. In case of missing accessories, they could be deducted from the amount of credit for their replacement, they must go with all the components of the same. If the product is not returned in conditions for sale, the amount of the return of the product to its original state could be charged.

Gran Scooter will proceed to refund the money within a maximum period of 14 days, once you have received the product and verified that it is in perfect condition.

Throughout the process, we will keep you promptly informed through email.

Defective delivery incidence

It occurs when the product delivered does not match the one specified in the order or has been hit and damaged externally during its delivery, or it detects that the product does not work correctly before 48 hours after receiving it.
If this happens, you must communicate immediately, and within less than 48 hours of receiving it, to Gran Scooter by sending an e-mail to Once we receive this e-mail we will begin to process your return. If you received the damaged packaging it is very important that you indicate it on the delivery note of the carrier at the time of receipt.

The usual procedure will be the following:
We will contact you by e-mail indicating your return number that you must clearly indicate on the packaging. Later, we will send a transporter to your home for collection, and we will proceed to send you the correct product.
Throughout the process, we will keep you promptly informed through email.
In this type of return, all the costs of collection and new delivery will be covered by Gran Scooter.

Guarantees for breakdown

This section applies to all products with faults or breakdowns after 48 hours of receipt.
It occurs when the product does not work properly or has stopped working due to a technical problem, after 48 hours of receiving it, within the period established in the Guarantee Law, 2 years of guarantee for the end customer and 1 year of guarantee For Distributors, in the case of products purchased for rental companies, or whose use is intended for intensive rental use, the warranty is limited to 6 Months from the date of purchase. The parts necessary to process the guarantee will be provided to the distributors so that they can proceed to replace and review the vehicle for their customer. In the event that the dealer cannot or wants to provide the after-sales service, he will have to assume the cost of shipping to our vehicle facilities or assume the labor of a workshop near the customer\\\'s home.

Gran-Scooter Offers 2 years warranty to the end user also in the batteries of all products.?


To process a guarantee it is essential to attach a copy of the invoice.
The products are out of warranty for the following reasons:
-If they have received, once delivered to the customer, any deterioration due to external events, accidents, poor follow-up of the instructions or change in the electrical tensions.
-If they are damaged due to improper configuration or installation of the software, hardware and peripherals, by the client.
-If there is a fault caused by a component not supplied by
-In your case, if the general conditions imposed by a manufacturer for a product so indicated.

To do this you must enter + Client Area> My Users area> Returns> New return.
-Order number.
-Number of reference of the article.
-Cause of the return.
-Copy of the purchase invoice
In this type of return, the customer must send the product to our SAT for repair, by any means (mail, transport companies, or in person in our stores), and Gran-Scooter will send the cost and insured product to the customer from our warehouses.


Material storage time

Once the return has been processed by our SAT, whose resolution means the payment by the client for its withdrawal, you will have 2 months of free storage in our facilities. After the deadline, the cost of storage and custody by RMA will be 1.50 € / day elapsed.

The maximum storage period from the resolution of your return will be 6 months, after this period without receiving notification from the customer, the material will be recycled, losing the right to a later claim.