GZ RAZING - Zambrotto
GZ RAZING - Zambrotto
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ZITMUV GZ RaZing 125And 5.000W 75Ah Red / Black

It enjoys of the speed of GZ RaZing the new electrical motorbike of 125and. With an impressive engine of 5.000W with which reach a maximum speed of 110km/h. It has of a battery of litio72V 75Ah of high performance with which reach an autonomy of 150km.

This vehicle L3 equivalent to 125and, is recognised to circulate by all type of roads, motorways and autovías of all Europe. It does not need at all of petrol, neither filters neither complex repairs. Recargue His electrical motorbike GZ RaZing where want to in his home, work, offices, etc. ¡And enjoys as never!


It is designed to move you by the city of a comfortable and sustainable way. With a sportive style in colour red with black details that will not leave you indifferent. Instrumented with an electrical engine of 5.000W Brushless very powerful situated in the rear wheel

This engine offers the maximum power, with the lower wear of his materials to the not producing frictions, his consumption is lower (40% less with regard to other engines).

Entertainment ensured for you and your companion with the wide double seat enjoyed as never.gz-razing-descripcionEverything under your control with the lighthouse of light LED frontal will have a greater angle of vision even at night for a safer driving. With easy handle of long lights, short and of emergency.gz-razing-5000w-moto-electrica-125e-5

With the digital marker of your GZ RaZing will have all the information of your driving in real time, knows the level of battery, the kilometres visited, hour and much more. Maximum functionality with the system of 3 speeds, course backwards and button of parking with which will be able to enjoy of a driving of high performance. Besides, it has of inner compartment with included lock so that you save what need.


This instrumented with amortiguadores hydraulic frontal and backsides that allow a more stable driving in terrains movedizos and with brakes of leading disks and backsides for a correct braked.



One of the advantages of this motorcycle is the big capacity and power of the battery 72V/75Ah. This type of battery  has big quality to be able to surpass the maximum speed of 110km/h. In an inferior time to 8 hours have your totally loaded battery, with which visit 150 km without interruptions. This battery has big useful life until more than 1.000 cycles of load with which enjoy of your electrical motorbike.

Big Resistance to adverse meteorological conditions. His components are designed to be able to to resist the rain and the wind, being testados each one of them.


Before his use, read entirely the manual of user, warnings of security, maintenance, inspection, use of the battery and conserve the manual with which accompanies the product for future references.

The price of this product, includes the transport in the Peninsula, the national VAT. The buyer will have to ensure the motorcycle by means of his insurance company, fulfil the norms of circulation and enrol his vehicle.

Also it is necessary to sign an available agreement. Our team will put in contact with the buyer to send him said agreements and make the formality.

The final design of ZITMUV GZ RaZing can suffer small variations.


Name of product: ZITMUV GZ RaZing 125And 5.000W/75Ah Red / Black
Energy of the engine: 5.000W Brushless Engine (equivalent to 125And)
Controller: 24CMOS
Maximum speed: 110(km/h)
Types of batteries: Battery of lithium
Capacity of the battery: 75AH OF 72V (5,4 kWh)
Maximum scope: 150KM 2 people (150kg)
Battery time of load: Minor to 8 hours
Life of battery: More than 1.000 cycles of load
Capacity of rise: 20º(2 people, 150kg)
Type of measurer: Digital
Brakes (frontal/backside): Disk/Disk
Amortiguador (Frontal/Backside): Hydraulic / hydraulic
Size of tyre: Frontal: 110-70-17 without Rear camera:140-70-17
Capacity Max of load: 2 people (150kg)
Type of frame: Steel
Net weight: 130kg (with battery)
Weight of the battery: 40kg
It includes: 3 speeds + Marker Digital Screen + Course Backwards + Button of Parking+ 2 Games of keys+ Rear-view mirrors+ Leading Compartment With Padlock
Measures 2100 x 600 x 1160 mm
Permission of Circulation A1,A2,To, B (3 years)

Electrical motorcycle 0 Broadcasts Recognised by the General Direction of Traffic and Ministry of Industry. Legal circulation 100x100.


2 years in all the components and parts of the product. We have of all type of spares, like batteries, engines, covers, lighthouses and pilot, brakes, manetas, electronic.

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