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Odin 125e Electric Motorcycle

E-Odín 125e 6000W / 50Ah Red

Delivery Available in April 2021! Get your New E-Odin Motorcycle today. Limited Units!

The new E-Odín electric motorcycle has arrived with an impressive 6000W 50Ah motor and a robust style, perfect for your day to day with the possibility of using it on roads and areas destined for motor vehicles.

It has unprecedented strength and autonomy, with just one battery you will have a range of up to 105 km. Forget about starter failures, gasoline and complex fuel vehicle maintenance.

With this L3 vehicle, equivalent to 125e, you can travel on all roads, highways and highways in Europe. No gasoline, filters, or complex repairs. Recharge your E-Odin at home, work, offices, etc. The possibilities are limitless! And enjoy top performance in its purest form!

It is specially designed to move around the city in a comfortable and sustainable way. With an impressive design that will not leave you indifferent.

It is equipped with the most powerful motor of all our motorcycles, a 6000W Brushless electric motor located on the rear wheel. This engine offers maximum power, with the least wear of its materials by not producing friction, its consumption is lower (40% less compared to other engines)

The Odin features an LCD screen that allows you to have everything under your control, know the kilometers traveled, the time, the battery level. The possibilities are limitless!

 Take a companion with you. The Odin has a large and comfortable seat for two people.

E-Odín is equipped with an LED light system that allows you to see a greater angle of vision on the road, especially at night, without any danger on the road. With easy management of high, low and emergency lights.

E-Odín has a 3-speed system, reverse gear and parking button with which you can enjoy an ideal driving. It also has an interior compartment with a lock included so you can store what you need.


It is equipped with enlarged front and rear disc brakes for proper braking. It also has front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers that allow a more stable driving on shaky ground.

One of the advantages of this motorcycle is the large capacity and power of the 72V / 50Ah battery. This type of battery is removable and has great quality to be able to exceed the maximum speed of 100 km / h. It also has a range of 105 km, with just one battery charge. The charging time is only 5 hours, after which you will fully enjoy your motorcycle without interruptions. Each battery has a lifespan of 1000 charge cycles for long driving.


In addition, our E-Odín is totally resistant to water. Drive without fear of weather conditions. Its components are designed to be able to withstand rain and wind, each of them being tested.




Before use, read completely the user manual, safety warnings, maintenance, inspection, use of batteries and keep the manual with which the product is accompanied, for future reference.

The price of this product includes transportation in the Peninsula, national VAT, DGT fees for registration, management fees, current year road tax, and the license plate already installed. The buyer must insure the moped through his insurance company, and comply with the traffic regulations.

Important, Registrable models take between 3 and 5 business days in shipping, which is the time necessary to register the motorcycle and receive the original documentation, such as Technical Sheet and Registration Plate.

It is also necessary to sign a sales contract and an application for Enrollment. Our team will contact the buyer to send them these contracts and carry out the process.


Product name: E-Odin 125e 6000W / 50Ah Red
Motor Power: 6000W Brushless Motor (equivalent to 125e)
Controller 24CMOS
Maximum speed: 100 (km/h)
Battery types Lithium battery (Cells: LG / Panassonic)
Battery capacity: 50AH DE 72V
Maximum range 105 km. / 1 person (75kg)
Battery charging time: 5 hours
Battery life: 1500 charge cycles
Climbing capacity: 25% (2 person, 180kg)
Meter Type: Digital
Brakes (front / rear): Disco/Disco
Shock Absorber (Front / Rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic
Tire size: Front: 110-70-17 tubeless Rear: 180-55-17 tubeless
Max load capacity:  2 people (274kg)
Frame Type: Steel
Net weight 124kg (without batteries)
Battery Weight: 22.3kg
Includes 3 speeds + Marker LCD Screen + Reverse Gear + Parking Button + 2 Sets of keys + Rearview Mirrors + Front Compartment With Padlock
Measurements 1940×870×1340mm
Vehicle Permit L3


Electric Motorcycle 0 Emissions Approved by the General Directorate of Traffic and Ministry of Industry. Legal Circulation 100x100.



2 years on all components and parts of the product. We have all kinds of spare parts, such as batteries, motors, covers, headlights and pilots, brakes, levers, electronics.